Altered postures.

Here I was again, drenching in my own tears. Head bowed in absolute defeat, hands alternating between resting on my chin and my forehead........Things never just seemed to work out smoothly for me, at least not long enough for me to savour the moments that success brought. Thoughts wandering back and forth trying to fathom … Continue reading Altered postures.

Show Up, You’re Still On Time -001


Ever thought of something you’d tell your teenage self? Imagine if you knew what you know now while you were still 17! I know what you’re thinking. “I’d be 1,2,3,4…. I’d have done a,b,c,d…..” Bad news! Stop that bending of fingers, you wouldn’t have done what you are thinking. Good news! Most of what you would have told the 17 year old you, you probably need to hear it today. How about you start showing up for your life now?

I asked a few of my friends to tell me what they’d have told the 17-year old them. So secure your space, fasten your seat belt and let’s ride in these stories for the next couple of weeks. Hope we’ll get to learn and grow together.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here is a collection of thoughts and lessons from Noel Cynthia. A 2nd year student at The University of Nairobi-…

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Have you ever had to wait for something? Something you really needed, or wanted? Doesn’t matter what it is anyway, as I’d like to focus on the ‘wait’.

 Just like you, I’ve had to wait.
My most recent episode being as early as a few days ago. Well, I needed some important documentation necessary in my line of work. And it had to go through certain stages before being approved. I required signatures from senior staff of two organisations. I had all the paperwork required; another process in itself and all I needed were signatures for my request to be approved. Failure to which, I’d be unable to access my duty station.
So anyway, I waited for the first signatory for about two hours. I got desperate indifferent and left; obviously postponing the problem till the next working day which was a Monday. Come Monday, I went to look for…

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